Get access to Web3 APIs for all major blockchains, trading, NFT, Staking & Payments.

Features comparison


Lightweight And Modular - Darkweb X Webflow Template
Request / sec
Cloud Connected - Darkweb X Webflow Template
Coding Tools - Darkweb X Webflow Template
APIs credits
Advanced Debugging - Darkweb X Webflow Template
Additional credits
Git Commands - Darkweb X Webflow Template
Email support
Refactoring - Darkweb X Webflow Template


Robust free plan to help you explore! No need for card details.

10 reqs/sec
1 project
5mn credits
$0 / month
5 Mn API Credits


All of our features plus option to update plan as you grow.

100 reqs / sec
20 projects
20 mn credits
$7 / mn credits
Email support
Chat support
$49 / Month
20Mn API Credits

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for a Plan?

Users can make payment using Stripe or Razorpay (soon to be announced) payment gateway to pay for the subscription plan.

How can I upgrade my Seracle plan?

Users can upgrade their Seracle plan anytime in the month using the Seracle console. Please note, the billing cycle will change with effect to the day you upgrade your plan.

If I don’t use all of my monthly credits within a month, do they roll over to the next month?

No, we do not allow credit roll over in any of our plans at the moment.

How can I cancel a Plan?

Users can cancel their plan by visiting their profile anytime during the month. They can access the APIs till the end of their billed period.

How many projects can I have per account with Seracle?

Number of projects a user can have per account differs from plan to plan. Users can have only one project in the discovery plan, 2 projects in the beginner’s plan and up to 5 projects in the professional plan.

Can I create multiple accounts with Seracle?

You cannot create multiple accounts with the same credential as we verify all our users and run KYC/KYB verification for all the registered users. Duplicates of documentation will lead to account rejections.