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Frequently asked questions

What does seracle do?

Seracle is a full stack Web3 development platform that offers enterprise grade development services. Additionally, the platform also offer Web3 Infrastructure As A Service (Web3 - IaaS) for individual developers & startups.

What blockchains/networks does seracle support?

Seracle supports Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Avalance, Algorand, Celo, Arbitrum, and Gnosis at the moment.

Where is the registered office in India?

Seracle is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The Indian headquarters is in Pune, India.

Why should developers use it?

Seracle Web3 IaaS is code agnostic which means developers can now build their own Web3 projects using any major programming languages of their choice. Using Seracle Web3 IaaS will help developers eliminate humoungous development cost and reduce it by 90%.

What payment methods does seracle accept?

Users can pay in fiat as well as cryptocurrencies to pay for the Web3 IaaS.

Can seracle offer customised Web3 solutions too?

Yes, along with a host of API solutions, Seracle also offer customizable Whitelabel Web3 development solution with end-to-end branding and upgrades with zero engineering resources required from a client’s end